11 tips on how to save a lot of money on online shopping

The year is 2023, and we can’t believe that young people born in the year 2000 (!) will soon be able to drink beer without being bothered, and that we won’t be able to travel around the world in flying cars or beam ourselves from A to B. We can’t believe it. Unlike the 16-year-old beer drinkers, however, we can still remember times when we couldn’t always order everything on the internet.

We still had to leaf through catalogues, dog-ear the pages and copy out order numbers. Or just go to the shop. Today, it’s all a bit quicker, easier and usually cheaper – especially with these 11 tricks.

  1. save your shopping mania for Wednesday
    The joke about online shopping is that we can order anything at any time. But if you’re not in a hurry and would rather satisfy the thrifty shopper in you, it’s best to save your shopping cravings for Wednesday, because that’s when most shops restock their shelves and great deals fall off for you.
  2. fill up your shopping basket and just go
    If you already know exactly what you want, it’s pretty smart to just put everything in your basket. But instead of completing your order, just close your browser instead. Then all you have to do is wait a little while, because many shops will lower the prices on these items or – if you have an account – even send you offers for these very items.
  3. look around in smaller shops
    All the big online shops have sold out of the one sneaker you really want? It’s a good thing that there are twelve million small shops on the internet, one of which will probably still have that particular sneaker. But before you search them all yourself, try Trillr, for example, an independent product search that lists even the smallest shop.
  4. clean up your browser
    Big Data and all that. It’s so simple, but if you regularly clear your browser data, including cache and cookies, it can save you money. Online shops also use your data and like to increase prices for products that you have already looked at several times, for example. The effect may not be so great for small purchases, but it can really pay off for flights.
  5. go in search of voucher codes
    There’s a show on US TV called “Extreme Couponing” where families set up their own rooms for all their discount coupons – instead of a library, for example. You don’t have to go that far, but it’s actually worth looking specifically for coupons or discount promotions every now and then. 6.
  6. just ask for discounts
    Nowadays, instead of being put on hold, you can simply send Whatsapp messages back and forth with the customer service of some online shops or chat directly on the homepage. If you’re cheeky enough to ask for discounts or vouchers, you’re surprisingly often in luck!
  7. use your laptop rather than your smartphone
    It’s true that shopping with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, can cost you more. Retailers assume that if you shop on the go, you will shop faster and pay higher prices. However, searching and browsing products is no problem with a smartphone, helped by the Trillr app.
  8. follow the social media channels of your favourite shops
    Newsletters are usually rather unsexy, annoying or even end up in spam, even though they sometimes contain good offers. But if you simply follow your favourite shops on social media and take a look at their feeds every now and then, you can get offers and discounts without annoying newsletters.
  9. learn to search properly
    Okay, Google supposedly finds everything, but you shouldn’t rely on it when it comes to shopping, because the search engine giant primarily lists the really big internet shops. If you want to be sure, you should try independent search portals like Trillr, because they search even the smallest shop.
  10. just buy another pair of socks
    Nothing is more annoying than the moment you realise that your order doesn’t reach the minimum order value. At Amazon, for example, you can cleverly avoid shipping costs by ordering a cheap book as well. In shops that offer free return shipping, it’s always worth buying something extra – you can send it back. Or just buy a new pair of socks.
  11. get your money back with cashback
    Imagine you go to the supermarket, do your weekly shopping, pay and there’s someone at the exit who simply refunds you part of your purchase. That’s how cashback programmes work, and they’re especially worthwhile if you shop online often.

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